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What is the difference between a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company?  What tax benefits are there if I choose an S-Corporation over a C-Corporation?  What type of business will allow me to protect my personal assets if my new venture goes south?  These are likely the kinds of questions you are asking yourself when deciding to start your own business. 

When starting a new business, no matter how big or small, choosing the correct entity is the first big step.  There are many different types of business entities, ranging from Limited Liability Companies, to Corporations, to Partnerships, and more.  Deciding which one is right for you can be a complicated decision.  The answer depends on many different factors.  Yet even after choosing the right entity for you, there is still the process of getting the business formed and off the ground.

At Jackson, Jackson & Kurtz, we advise and represent companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals simply pursuing a dream with a broad range of business related services.  We provide those starting a new business with not only business entity start-up assistance, but also on business law, tax consequences of different entities, and necessary business organizational paperwork.

If you are interested in starting your own business and are having trouble deciding how to move forward, call us at Jackson, Jackson & Kurtz and we will get you and your business on the right path.

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